TIL #1 - Adaptive Cards $when

Today I learned about the simple but powerful Adaptive Card conditional layout function $when while looking into the Adaptive Card schema for a SPFx Adaptive Card Extensions (ACE)  

To drop an entire element if a condition is met, use the $when property. If $when evaluates to false the element will not appear to the user.

My case was a simple one, I wanted to show a value, say a key metric with a different color based on a threshold.  For example, if a sales figure is over or under an amount I want to display the TextBlock with a different color.  In the example below, the card should render the opportunitySum value in red (attention) if <= 3,500,000 and in green (good) if it is > 3,500,000.

Using sample data where the opportunitySum is 7,899,930 the format of the rendered card is:

There are other ways to do this, this is just a sample of how the $when conditional can be used.


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